Wurth NI 2400 High Temperature Anti-Seize

Wurth NI 2400 High Temperature Anti-Seize

Pure Nickel Thread Lubricant

Assures Absolute Protection at Temperatures up to 2400°F

Wurth NI 2400 is a superior grade, high temperature and extreme pressure lubricant and anti-seize compound containing fine particles of pure nickel graphite and other additives in a premium grease carrier.

Wurth NI 2400 is recommended when applications prohibit the presence of copper and has a high resistance to corrosive acidic and caustic solutions, most chemical and acid vapors, water washout, road salt, steam, salt water and ionized water.

More Advantages:
Excellent heat dispersing qualities
Resists galvanic action between dissimilar metals
Protects against fretting, galling and seizure
Stops carbon fusion, rust, galvanic pitting and environmental corrosion
Enables faster disassembly when repairs are needed
Keeps parts working longer with less wear

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